How to find 2 wheel smart balance scooter wholesaler? In order to experience the successes with the sale of smart balance wheels, it is important to find the right smart balancing wheel wholesale supplier. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to provide tips on how to do the latter.

Try the Manufacturer First

First, as Gregory Go points out, your best option is to start with the manufacturer. This is the person who should know about how your smart balance wheel works, and can advise you on it so that you may be able to tell your buyers how it works, what to do if something goes wrong with your product. However, the thing about getting the product’s manufacturer to be your supplier is that your business may be too small for them, or they may already have a list of companies with whom they have working relationships. If that is the case, Go recommends that you ask them for a list of wholesale suppliers.

Working Your List of Suppliers

Any supplier on the list that your manufacturer gives you should know his/her product well. One question to ask is how well does your supplier know the product he/she is attempting to sell you. While I know these recreational devices are relatively new, what is important here is that your retailer has taken the time to research the product, so that he/she can share with you some facts so that you can answer some questions your customers may ask you. They may ask you, for example, how it works, whether or not it runs electronically or on batteries, how long you can use it before it needs charging, how long they tend to last, or whether or not they are warrantied. These are merely examples of queries your prospective smart balance wheel customer may ask you should you choose to carry them. These are questions you should ask your wholesaler should you choose to begin carrying these.

Contacting Prospective Suppliers

Use email. It’s the best way, since people usually don’t respond to voice mails as fast. Keep your emails short and to the point. Inform them whether or not your order volume is to be small or large. And yes, your potential supplier may require that you buy a large volume of smart balance wheels. Remember that just as you are making every effort to sell as many of these smart balance wheels as possible–your potential wholesaler is trying to distribute as many of these items as they can, and are attempting to get you to spend as much of your money as they possibly can get you to spend. Unless they set a minimum, they feel that they won’t make as much money as they can to stay in business. Also find out what their pricing is. Then compare it to other items in your budget, such as operation costs, wages, and utility bills.For indeed, you need to save as much money as possible. Remember that you have every right to say “No” to them as well, and continue down the list of leads that you have. So communication is key on both sides of the relationship.

Keep an ongoing list of your experiences interacting with the suppliers. Take notes as you read their return emails. Write down such information as the prices they offered you, and how long it took them to get back with you. Also call them at least to talk to them on the phone. Attempt to ask them a few questions, just to see how they treat you. If they are rude and unprofessional over the phone, include that in your notes as well; take that as a “red flag.”

In addition, receive feedback from sporting good businesses about the self-balancing board supplier in which you are interested. Ask them what their experiences have been with this supplier. If the wholesaler you have prospected have received too many complaints about quality of product, timeliness, and professionalism, this business is not the one for you.

If you can’t find many who carry the product yet, put your Internet surfing skills to good use. Websites such as the Better Business Bureau and Yelp can give you insights on certain product wholesaling companies. If the feedback is mostly from irate former customers, this is something worth noting. For most certainly you don’t want a supplier who’s been less than honest, especially more than once. And you definitely don’t want someone as your supplier whose billing is full of costs they won’t even reveal to you upfront.

Go to a Trade Show

This will give you a chance to meet wholesale distributors and product makers face to face. This will help to avoid the confusion that ensues as you navigate the Internet and are receiving all kinds of information–some of it true, some of it not quite as accurate. I’m not saying that you should totally eschew the Internet. It’s a useful tool; however, it should only be used as part of your wholesaler search process.

Newsletters/Trade Publications

Look for sporting goods trade publications and newsletters, then subscribe to them. Start building relationships with the industry leaders who subscribe to them. Find out who their main wholesalers are. If you approach these people in a respectful, professional manner, you’ll be surprised at the information they give you about finding the right supplier. Some of these industry giants have used the same wholesaler for years, because that company has saved them lots of money.


Picking out a reputable smart balance scooter wholesaler can be difficult, since the product is so new. Thus doing your research on the Internet and contacting these companies becomes paramount, especially if you can’t get the company that manufactured the self-balancing boards you need in order to make money to distribute them to you. So it’s especially important to carefully research the companies on the list that the manufacturer gives you.