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Why selecting smart balance board for 2015 Christmas gift?

Why smart balance board for this Christmas day? Christmas comes once a year and what better time than Christmas to fulfill your children and relatives wishes? To give them the presents that has kept them [...]

Ways you never know on playing smart balance board

Smart balance board from iWheelgoo are fun for any skill level. However, for those with high-level skills, there are many more advanced ways to play with the smart balance board, including a variety of more [...]

How to make fun with your iWheelgoo Smart Wheel?

Guess you had controlled your balance on smart board after reading our guides How to Ride iWheelgoo Self Balancing Scooter. And you must be thinking on how to make fun with the balancing board. How [...]

How to Ride iWheelgoo Self Balancing Scooter?

Short guides on riding iWheelgoo balance wheel. To get you going in 5 minutes! Getting On the balancing board First of all, make sure your smart board is fully charged up. Turn it on and [...]

2 Wheel Smart balance Scooter wholesaler- how to find?

How to find 2 wheel smart balance scooter wholesaler? In order to experience the successes with the sale of smart balance wheels, it is important to find the right smart balancing wheel wholesale supplier. Therefore, the [...]

Smart Balancing Wheel Where to Buy?

Where to buy your smart balancing wheel? Before that, bare in mind on these tips on this self balance board. Pay attention when you buy this electric scooter. HOW FAST CAN IT GO? The Smart [...]