Guess you had controlled your balance on smart board after reading our guides How to Ride iWheelgoo Self Balancing Scooter. And you must be thinking on how to make fun with the balancing board. How to make your riding different from us on this smart hoverboard? We collect some videos and pictures on showing you how skillful people are!

1. Ride as the way you walk- to shopping, to supermarket. But remember you pay attention on road rules in your city. Be safe while riding on road. Don’t try to “drive” it as a car!

2. Go with your friends and race for the weekend. Remember to find a spacial place to do this. Make sure everything is safe and keep your balance!

3. Going up rating or skillful riding with this self balancing wheel. We don’t recommend you do this at home if you are still a newer.
how to make fun with balance board

4. Help with each other. Learning how to use the smart balance scooter is easy. But it is not as easy as ABC. You need to practice before you go as your feet on it.
smart balance hoverboard

5. Don’t try risky riding. Well, you might watch videos showing people how they make fun with smart scooter. But they might failed mils of time before success. Safe is important than making fun. Isn’t it?

Have fun with iwheelgoo smart board scooter!