Smart balance board from iWheelgoo are fun for any skill level. However, for those with high-level skills, there are many more advanced ways to play with the smart balance board, including a variety of more advanced techniques. So how do people with high level skills play with the smart balance wheel?

Although the smart balance wheel is self-balancing, there are many tricks and ways to play with the smart balance bored that require more high level skills and greater balance. You can actually use the hover board for a variety of really cool dance-type moves – like break dancing meets ice skating, although this requires advanced balance and command of the smart balance wheel. Since you can control the smart balance board and the way it turns, you can actually turn it in a very tight radius with just one foot – creating a move that requires a great deal of balance and high level skill, but that looks really cool when executed properly.

how to play smart balance board

To execute this trick, stand on the balance board. Shift all of your weight to one foot – this will begin to move the balance board forward in a tight radius. With all of your weight on this foot, extend your other leg behind you and lower yourself into a crouching position. Make several rotations, and then, using your balance, stand back up. You can also do this trick in the inverse, leaning backwards and extending your leg in front of you, to rotate backwards.

You can do many variations of this, using the smart balance board as a platform to spin and dance, while you create choreography – envision an ice-skater and mimic their spins, rotations, and moves to create a highly skilled hover board routine. Being able to control the hover board using only one foot, or sometimes just a foot and a hand, requires a high level of balance and skill to execute as you shift your center of gravity up and down and shift from foot to foot, all while moving forward, backward, and rotating. However, these tricks provide a creative and skilled way to play with the smart balance board.