iwheelgoo i2 Smart balancing Scooter

//iwheelgoo i2 Smart balancing Scooter
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iwheelgoo i2 Smart balancing Scooter


.Distictive Look With High-End Essence Highlighted by unique carbon fibre pattern.

.7″ inch Magnified Slim Wheel Hub

.Battery capacity 158wh

.Riding time about 90mins

Product Description

iWheelgoo i2 Smart balancing scooter

The iWheelgoo smart wheel lasts up to 12 miles and only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge. It has a sturdy, hard protective case and two blue LED lights making it easy to navigate in the dark. Step onto the future with our revolutionary iwheelgoo balancing board and experience it for yourself. Shop now while supplies last!


158Wh battery, full charged in 90 minutes, Low Battery Protection

Waterproof ability can reach IP65 ; Max speed 12km/h

350W motor can improve the insulation performance for longtime lifespan

Effective anti-skid grip and 15°safe riding angle;iWheelgoo Smart Wheel, portable and easy to learn in 10 minutes

Range per Charge: 18-23km
Battery: 156Wh
Temperature: -10°C-40°C (Best at 10-30°C)
Weight Limit: 120kg / 220lbs
Size: 468*400*165mm(H*L*T)

Package Include
1X iWheelgoo i2 Smart Wheel
1X charger
1X Manual
1X gift set


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